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Dec 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
mandela as details of the funeral are announced. good monday morning to you. let's get straight to the markets. the sx 200 looks like this. it is now in the red. it is down after qbe plunged the most in 12 years. we are now at 5179 levels. the australian dollar continues to strengthen. u.s. at 91 new zealand is still in the green. the kiwi is also seeing some strength europe. 82.9 u.s. cents. let's head over to japan right now. the nikkei is closed in the green. just a fraction away. taking a look at the yen. it is weakening. is pointing to a higher open this morning. to ben get he was going leading the games. let's switch over to china. the debt is piling up. the odds of the defaults are higher. this lens of the question. defaulthe first deep -- in china's credit market. quite let's paint a picture of what is happening with some of these done financial companies. they are faced with heavy debts. they also have a very tight cash supply. this is a perfect storm for them to see their very first default. they first started regulating back in 1990 seven. they have not seen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1